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We have received 13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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We've Been Mowing Lawns For Years!

Why Hire A Lawn Mowing Company in Peachtree City?

  • So you don't get any warnings or fines from Peachtree City's code enforcement!
  • So your lawn always looks amazing
  • So you don't have to mow it yourself
  • Because it is easier for us to do it.
  • Summers are hot & mowing in heat is sweaty, sticky & unpleasant.
  • Because your lawn mower is broke & you don't have all the tools.

In Peachtree City You Have To Mow Each Week...

Or Else Code Enforcement Will Fine You For Your Grass Being Too Tall!

We'll Mow Your Peachtree City Lawn For You

When Can We Get Started?

We can fit you in our schedule right away.

All you have to do is make a 60 second phone call and the process get's started.

Before you know it your lawn will be maintained and cut by the professionals.


Who Will Mow Your Lawn?

Meet Devon & Christian!

We are young business owners ready to do our best every time. We will be mowing your lawn and making it look amazing week after week.

We are excited to serve your needs.

Why Use Us For Your Peachtree City Lawn?

First off we are local!

We have been mowing lawns and doing yard care for years. First we did it all throughout high school in a family owned business.

After high school we were quick to start our own lawn care company in order to offer superior services and prove that we can be the best lawn care company in Peachtree City.

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What You'll Get From Us?

1. Quick Communication

2. Easy quotes & service agreements

3. Fulfilled expectations

4. Local service every time

5. Satisfaction guarantee

Recent Jobs

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South Atlanta

Bush Trimming

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: South Atlanta
When: Jul 20, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Bush Trimming And Pruning
Brief Explanation

Did We Use Hedge Shears Or Trimmers?

We helped a nearby customer with some of their bushes which were currently out of whack.

It had been a while since these bushes had been taken care of.  We were able to happily trim the bushes and make them look amazing again.

This customer was very happy with the overall look of the bushes and we were happy to be hired for the job.

Recent Reviews

William Haney

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jul 11, 2018
Awesome, Call Garret up and he was able to fit me in his ASAP. Did an awesome job; my yard Looks Great! Would definitely seek his services again!

"My yard Looks Great"

The Fur Pet Resort

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jun 21, 2018
Just contracted out with them for the summer and got my first cut. Great job and was open to suggestions and seemed to value my opinion as to how I wanted it to look. So far I think I've made a sound decision. Debbie Wilson- Manager The Fur Pet Resort

"So far I think I've made a sound decision"

Ellen Poindexter

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Aug 2, 2018
Great job. Kind and courteous service. Real quick service next day

"Kind and courteous service"

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Nearby Lawn Care

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We Offer Free Lawn Care Quotes in Peachtree City

You're Our Neighbors & We Treat You Fairly

How Much Does Our Lawn Mowing Service Cost?

Great question.

The good thing is that it is easy for us to swing by and give you a custom quote on cutting and maintaining your lawn.

Each yard is different and we want to give you the best price possible. Because of this we don't have a one price fits all.

*We are one of the most affordable lawn mowing companies in all of Peachtree City.

Hurry Before Our Schedule Fills Up

We're A Small Speciality Company & Our Service Calendar Fills Up Fast

There's No Reason To Go With Anyone Else!

You're looking for a local mowing company right?

We're as local as it gets. Plus we've been here for years and call this home. We have the type of company that everyone wants to hire. We're young, eager to please, offer competitive pricing and quick at communicating with technology.

You want a company that will care and treat you like gold right?

Christian is eager to be the best lawn mowing service in all of Peachtree City. He is young and understands that each customer is important.

We make sure every customer is always happy.

Isn't this the type of company you want working for you? We hope so!

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Text Us: (678) 498-7273

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Nearby Lawn Care

11175 Cicero Drive STE 160 Alpharetta, GA 30022


You will appreciate knowing that you have hired a company that is local to Peachtree City and cares about your lawn.

Christian and his team put a lot of work into every customer and lawn they work with. You can always reach out to us and ask questions regarding lawn care and our lawn services.

We also respond to emails pretty fast.


1. Do we mow small lawns?


Yes we do.

Although we mow a lot of large lawns and yards in Peachtree City we also mow small lawns too.

In fact, we do not have a minimum lawn size requirement to mow your lawn.

And our custom pricing also ensures that you get the best price possible due to you having a less than average size yard.

2. How long have you been mowing lawns?


We officially began mowing lawns back in 2011. We have mowed 100s and 100s of lawns.


We do more than just mow lawns. We do light trimming and pruning. We offer garden services. We offer turn care and weed control. We trim hedges and bushes. We offer soil testing and do spring and fall cleanup.

3. Who owns Nearby lawn care?


The owner of Nearby Lawn Care is a local Peachtree City resident.

Garret is the owner and he looks forward to servicing your lawn.